Funny birthday wishes

When it comes to words we want to send or tell to other people on their birthday, we have a lot of options. Sometimes it is nice to pick some funny birthday wishes. Of course, it’s a very special occasion and people mostly get good vibes and words from their friends and family. It’s always good to send humorous wishes.
It’s your special day, so laugh as much as you can. Greet the day with lots of humor, then get the party started, don’t care about the rumors. Have a party all night, have fun and shine bright. On this special day, leave all your problems away.
Birthday is special, and so are you so celebrate as all should do. When it comes to partying, remember to stay up all night. Then wait till it’s over and wake up with no hangover. I wish you loads of energy, good vibes and all you need to be happy in your daily.


On this special day i want to wish you a special checklist to remember: always smile, have fun as often as possible. Plus, keep good people close to you and stay closed for those who are not willing to bring good emotions and energy to your life. All the best, take good care.


It’s your special day, but don’t get carried away. Unless you want to investigate what happened during your party. Don’t let too much fun ruin your next morning. Or maybe you want to? Best wishes and good luck celebrating, wake up in good shape and try not to blackout.



Yeah, You again. Another year passed, and we are still friends. Strange, eh? Now seriously, I wish you all the best, so that you could share these jets and millions with me someday. Happy birthday, may this day be unique and unforgettable. At least try to make it that way, OK? All the best, cheers!