Birthday wishes for friend

It’s obvious – good friend deserve good words. Especially when it comes to celebrating their special day. Finding perfect birthday wishes for friend is easy, when you know the person well. When you want to appreciate his or her personality, humor and other elements. Check available options, you will surely pick something good.

Thank you for being a great friend. For sharing great moments and making beautiful memories. For being there for me. Wish you all the best, hope you have a great birthday. Stay the way you are, so that we could still create our unique story. Happy birthday, wish you all the best, for each and every day.



Hello, You. For being there for me, for being the way You are. For remembering and being helpful every time I needed. Even for just thinking from time to time if we don’t talk to each other for a while. I wish you all you deserve – best things, best days, best people and a great life! Take good care, You!



I want to thank You, truly and straight from the heart. I wish You all the best, because You definitely deserve it. Keep doing what You love, keep being cheerful and stay positive. Just be yourself, remembering to win every single day. Reach your goals, do your things and just stay as happy and great, as you are now.



It’s kinda hard to write all the things I wish You. For being a great friend, for being a great person. I wish You all the best, hoping You would reach anything planned. Stay strong, keep being positive, just be Yourself. And remember not to forget about our special relation. Happy b-day, wishing you the best!



Happy Birthday to You, my dear Friend! Loads of love, luck, and happiness. Do whatever makes You happy, and catch every moment of Your unique and interesting life story. Have a great number of positive experiences, meet special people. You are also special, always remember that. Best wishes, thank You!